Your story matters

Live in Minnesota and have a story to share about your experience getting access to health care, housing, employment, child care, food, or more? Or perhaps you work for an organization that intersects with any of these systems and can bring your perspective? Let us know using the form below! 

Why share? During the first half of 2021, Minnesota policymakers will be making decisions that will affect our everyday lives. Collectively, we have the power to influence those decisions by advocating for our needs and priorities. 

With some of the worst racial disparities in the nation, we are well aware that Minnesota is long overdue for real, substantial change. And, the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting recession have only exacerbated the needs of our Minnesota households and laid bare the longstanding inequities that exist in our state. It is up to us to hold our policymakers accountable as they will need to make decisions that not only respond to the needs of the pandemic and economic downturn, but also make real progress on racial equity.

One powerful way to do that is by sharing the stories and experiences of everyday Minnesotans—you! Your voices can help mold strong, thoughtful policies that will build a better Minnesota: use them! 

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