Social Media Resources

Sample Facebook & Twitter Posts

Below are sample social media posts to help your organization advocate for the investments you know are needed by Minnesotans today and into our stronger future. Feel free to adapt them so that they reflect your own organizational priorities.

In the 2022 Legislative Session, #mnleg policymakers had a chance to make transformative investments in our communities but they used too much of our collective resources on other priorities. In 2023 they should invest in child care, housing & other things for us all to thrive.

In the next state budget, #mnleg policymakers should fund _________________ which we know builds stronger and more equitable communities. They can’t do that if they pass big tax cuts for the highest-income Minnesotans. #TogetherWeRiseMN

MNs are still recovering from the ongoing pandemic and recession. We know the things that strengthen MNs, their families & communities include affordable child care, education, safe & affordable housing, paid family leave, health care. #TogetherWeRiseMN #mnleg

Too many of our neighbors still struggle to keep food in their fridges & meet other basic needs. It takes all of us to create and promote the state budget we need for a stronger, more equitable future for all. #mnleg #TogetherWeRiseMN

MN’s shared resources should be used to support lower-income & BIPOC MNsotans who are most harmed by the pandemic and economic downturn & our state’s deep long-standing divides in opportunity. #TogetherWeRiseMN #mnleg

When hundreds of thousands of our neighbors don’t have what they need to achieve their dreams for a secure, healthy, and safe future, we can’t squander state resources on tax cuts for the highest-income Minnesotans. #TogetherWeRiseMN #mnleg

Minnesota doesn’t need big tax cuts for the highest-income Minnesotans. Instead, the people’s budget should fund the things we know result in a stronger and more equitable economy: child care, housing, good schools, and more. #mnleg #TogetherWeRiseMN

MN must commit to making lasting investments in the building blocks of strong communities, like child care, paid family leave, affordable housing, schools, & health care. #mnleg #TogetherWeRiseMN

Social Media Graphics

Together We Rise MN social media graphic that reads: "I don't know who needs to hear this but...MN's budget wasn't meeting the needs of Minnesotans before the pandemic. We need lasting investments for a future where all can thrive."
Together We Rise MN social media graphic that reads: "Child care. Education. Housing. Health care. Paid family leave. Living wages. Broadband...MN NEEDS A BOLD INVESTMENTS NOW."
Together We Rise MN social media graphic of children playing in the street with bubbles that reads: "Minnesotans do not deserve a 'status quo' budget. We need bold investments so all can thrive."
Together We Rise MN social media graphic of a hand holding a pen that reads: "Dear #mnleg, Please do not waste historic resources on large, poorly targeted tax cuts."
Together We Rise MN social media graphic of a smiling woman shaking another person's hand that reads: "We envision a future...where all of us are thriving, where justice is truly for all of us, no exceptions, & where we can live our lives with confidence & freedom. And bold state budget decisions can help us get there."